Smörgåstårta a Swedish Sandwich Cake

Smörgåstårta a Swedish Sandwich Cake

Have  you ever heard of Smörgåstårta a Swedish Sandwich Cake?  I saw a picture of one several months ago and had to make one.  How fun would this be for your Mother’s Day brunch?

I made the layers using tuna salad and egg salad, but there are so many variations for you to try.  I want to make another one using sliced deli meats.  For some ideas, look up Smorgastarta on Google Images.  There are so many beautiful and creative Smörgåstårta a Swedish Sandwich Cakes.  Some are like mine looking like a layer cake and others a loaf or sheet cake.  And so many different ingredients.

Smörgåstårta a Swedish Sandwich Cake6I’m going to start with telling you what I would do different next time.  Definitely cut off all the crust.  Although I liked having the chewy texture, it would have cut much easier and would have made it easier to eat with just a fork.

Cut off all crusts…

I used rye bread, but any firm or dense bread would work fine.  (Sourdough, whole wheat, etc.)  Using a firm/dense bread will help to keep your Swedish Sandwich Cake from becoming soggy and to hold it’s shape.  Since the “icing” has a cream cheese base, it makes it a little heavier and the firm bread will help to support all your ingredients.

This Smörgåstårta a Swedish Sandwich Cake will end up to be the talk around your buffet table.  The cameras will come out and you’ll be the star.  Everyone will think you are so creative.

This was my first Smörgåstårta so I’m already planning what I’ll do different next time.

Smörgåstårta a Swedish Sandwich Cake | Recipe

(Makes 1, 3 layer Smörgåstårta a Swedish Sandwich Cake)

Ingredients for sandwich cake and frosting:

2 – 6-8″ round, unsliced, loaves of firm or dense bread
2 cups egg salad
2 cups tuna salad
2 – 8 oz. pkgs. cream cheese (softened)
1 c. plain Greek yogurt
3/4 c. mayonnaise
Salt (to taste)

(Note:  I ordered in advance from my grocer the 2 unsliced loaves of rye bread.  So make a note several days ahead so you can pick up the bread when you need it.)

Ingredients for decorations:

1 c. cherry or grape tomatoes, cut in half
several sprigs of flat leaf (or Italian) parsley
1-2 radishes, sliced thin
3 hard boiled eggs, sliced
1 seedless cucumber, sliced thin
2 c. tiny popcorn shrimp

(Note:  The decoration ingredients above are what I used.  Feel free to be creative with your own choices.)


Put the softened cream cheese, Greek yogurt, mayonnaise and salt in a bowl.  Mix with an electric mixer to combine all ingredients.  It should be a nice, smooth consistency for spreading on your sandwich cake.  If it seems a little too thick, add a few drops of milk or water.  Taste to see if you need more salt.

(I kept it pretty simple using only salt because I wanted a plain white spread.  If you use other seasonings or herbs, the color will change and you will end up with flecks of the herbs.)  Set bowl aside until you’ve layered the salads on your bread layers.  DO NOT refrigerate or it will become too thick for spreading.

Carefully trim all crust from your loaves of bread to retain the round shape.  (I know….my picture shows the crust still on, but trust me, it will be much better if you trim the crust.)

Smörgåstårta a Swedish Sandwich Cake1

Slice the top round section off each loaf and store for another use.  Then, cut the 2 remaining loaves of bread in half.  (One of these will be extra and can be stored with your top rounds.)

Place 1 layer of your sliced loaf on a large platter and top with the tuna salad.

Place a second layer on top of that and spread with the egg salad.

Smörgåstårta a Swedish Sandwich Cake3 Smörgåstårta a Swedish Sandwich Cake2

Place the third layer on top of the egg salad.

You can frost all the layers now with your cream cheese mixture just as you would a layer cake.

Smörgåstårta a Swedish Sandwich Cake4

Now you’re ready for the fun part….. the decorating.  Using all the ingredients for decorations, you can make any creative design you like.  I tried to make my flat leaf parsley and radishes look like flowers.  Not sure if I achieved that.  Maybe you can do better.

Once it’s decorated, keep refrigerated until ready for your brunch.  If possible, cover it.  For a side dish idea, try my Edamame Salad.  It’s always a hit.

Smörgåstårta a Swedish Sandwich Cake

I would love to hear about your creative ideas when you make this Smörgåstårta a Swedish Sandwich Cake.  Please scroll down to my comment section and let me know if you’ve ever had one of these beautiful sandwich cakes.


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