Jalapeno Popper Christmas Candy

Jalapeno Popper Christmas Candy

Some like it HOT!  This recipe for JALAPENO POPPER CHRISTMAS CANDY will definitely be a conversation topic at your Christmas party.  Or maybe you want to wait and make them for your New Year’s party. We all have several friends that will try anything.  Some of them claim they can eat the spiciest of foods.  Of course, you’ll have many that won’t even go near them.  Just set them out on your buffet table and see what happens. Jalapeno Popper Christmas Candy1Jalapeno Popper Christmas Candy2Jalapeno Popper Christmas Candy3 I did eat some of these.  The jalapeno is an odd pepper.  Some were VERY HOT and others could have been a sweet pepper.  It didn’t matter if it were a red or green jalapeno.  I’ve been told that the red ones aren’t as hot, but there were even a few green ones that didn’t send me looking for something to cool my mouth down. Have you ever heard that sugar is the best remedy for cooling you off after eating hot peppers or a spicy dish?  That’s what makes the jalapeno popper Christmas Candy perfect.  You’ve got the sweet right there in the same bite. I remember years ago the office I worked in made a hot pepper theme for a pot luck lunch.  We could make anything we wanted, but it had to include some kind of hot pepper.  Someone made habanero ice-cream, another had spicy lemonade, but the winner was the habanero cherry cobbler.  Of course, there were many savory dishes, too. It was amazing to eat some of those creative dishes and surprised that so many were really good.  Especially the cobbler. These jalapeno popper Christmas Candy peppers are very simple to make, but for being simple, it was a little time consuming to clean the seeds and membrane out of the peppers.  Once that was done, melting the chocolate and spreading it into the peppers went pretty quick.   I made some with small chocolate bricks made for melting and others with Nestle chocolate chips.  Both worked the same so you can use whatever you have. Nestle ChipsMelting Chocolate When buying the jalapeno peppers, just pick out the freshest, prettiest, unmarked peppers.  It helps if you can choose a uniform size so your pepper wreath isn’t lopsided, but you can be as creative as you want.

Jalapeno Popper Christmas Candy | Recipe

What recipe….LOL  It’s jalapeno peppers and melted chocolate.  Can’t be more simple than that. Instructions: CAUTION….NOTE:  I recommend wearing rubber gloves.  Surgical gloves work best because they are thin and make it easier to handle the peppers.  The juices from the peppers can really affect your skin.  If you don’t wear gloves, it’s possible that your hands will feel like they are burning the rest of the night. Trim the stem off the jalapeno peppers as close as you can without cutting off the end of the pepper.  You don’t want the melted chocolate to run out. Jalapenos I like to use two different knives.  One for cutting the stem and slicing the pepper in half and a small paring knife for cleaning the seeds and cutting out the membrane.  Make sure to get all the seeds out and as much membrane as possible since both are the hottest part of the pepper. Lay all your peppers on a flat surface. Jalapeno filled If you’re using Nestle chocolate chips, melt about 1/2 bag in a glass measuring cup.  Microwave on high for 45 seconds.  They may appear to have not melted, but stir with a spoon.  You’ll find that they still look whole, but have melted in the centers.  You may need to put back in the microwave another 15-30 seconds.  Stir again. Chocolate in baggiefilling pepper I don’t know if it was just me, but my chocolate didn’t stay thin enough to pour.  You can just spoon it into the peppers, or pour it into a sandwich baggie and snip the corner so you can squeeze out the chocolate into the peppers.  I put it in a baggie, then smoothed it out with a spoon in the pepper. If you’re using the baggie method, I found it easier to spoon my chocolate from the measuring cup to the baggie by putting the baggie into a coffee mug.  If you have someone helping, you can skip this and let them hold your baggie. Once all the peppers are filled, you can either set them in the refrigerator (if you’re in a hurry) until you’re ready to plate them or just leave them on your counter. Plate them and find a suitable decoration for the center of the plate. Jalapeno Popper Christmas Candy2 I would love to hear some buzz about this dish.  Did your family/friends like them?  Also, let me hear about other pepper recipes you’ve tried.  Please leave me a comment below.  Thanks and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!

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