beef brisketBeef brisket comes from the chest of the cow.  It’s a cut of meat that should be cooked long and slow till it is just falling apart.  Ummm, so good!

It is so simple to make and takes very little prep time.  Depending on the size of your brisket, you’ll have to allow for cook time, but once it’s in the oven, you’re free to take that bubble bath before your company arrives.

For the recipe below, I used puree of mango.  That’s only because I was given a large bag of mango a couple months ago and decided to puree and freeze them before they went bad.  Although mango is a fruit used to tenderize meat, so is apples/applesauce, kiwi is also excellent, and many other fruits.  You can marinate your beef for several hours before putting in the oven, but be careful which type of fruit you use.  Pineapple should only be used right before putting in the oven because the enzymes in pineapple will break down your meat too fast.  If you want to marinate before cooking, I’d stick to apples or kiwi.


3-4 lbs. beef brisket
1 cup mango puree (or applesauce or sliced apple or kiwi)
1/2 cup red cooking wine
1/2 cup water
2 garlic cloves, chopped (or garlic powder)
salt and pepper

To marinate before cooking (optional):

In a large gallon size baggie, add applesauce (or other fruit), red cooking wine, water, garlic cloves (chopped), salt and pepper.  Mush the bag a little to combine the ingredients and add your beef.  Just put in refrigerator for several hours until you’re ready to put in oven.

marinate with fruit

You can omit the marinating if you want and your brisket will still be tender and tasty.  Just add all the same ingredients in a bowl and mix to combine.  Place brisket, fat side up, in a casserole dish and pour marinade, completely covering brisket.  If you’re using sliced fruit, top brisket with fruit slices, gently pour water, then red cooking wine over entire roast.  Sprinkle chopped fresh garlic cloves on top of apples (or garlic powder), then salt and pepper.

Cover with casserole lid or aluminum foil.

Place in 300 degree oven.

Cook 1 hour for each lb. of brisket.  (EX:  3 lb. brisket cooks for 3 hrs.)

Although you can use the fruit to make a sauce over your beef, I prefer to scrape it off.  It has already done it’s purpose to tenderize the brisket.  Either way you decide, just place on serving platter and slice against the grain.  It should be falling apart as you slice.


  • Use sliced onion with your slice fruit instead of garlic.
  • Use a couple T. soy sauce and add some fresh sliced ginger.
  • Mix 1 cup barbecue sauce with the water and omit the red cooking wine.




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