The Culinary Cucumber





Welcome to The Culinary Cucumber.  I’m Sylvia Smith and I live near Tampa, FL.

After many years of thinking about creating a website, I’m finally doing it.  Of course, the status of the current job market had a lot to do with nudging me in this direction.

My recent job history was designing fiber optic cable layout.  All the fiber optic cable has pretty much been designed across the U.S.  The housing boom several years ago created a lot of work in this field to provide fiber optic connections to existing neighborhoods/businesses and to all those new subdivisions that popped up everywhere.  Now it’s time for me to become an online entrepreneur.

The Culinary Cucumber hopes to provide some delicious recipes for everyday and some holiday treats.  Most will be very easy and quick to help save time in our hectic lives.

Since I’m the kind of home cook that just throws a meal together with whatever I have on hand, it is also my goal to help all those that feel lost in the kitchen and would like to be more creative with what you have in your cupboards/refrigerator.  If a recipe has an ingredient you don’t like, it doesn’t always mean you shouldn’t make it.  Just change the recipe to fit your family’s taste.  At the end of some of my recipes, I’ll include a list  of  “variations.”  I hope it will help you be creative in your own kitchen.

I admit that I’m not much of a baker and although I love cake, I really don’t make desserts that often.  When I post a dessert, you can be sure that it’s special and I want to share it with you.  Maybe this will change now that I have a food blog.  I love being creative in the kitchen and I may delve into the sweets, too.

I also hope to provide you some nutritional information of many foods.  When I find some information that I feel should be shared, you can find it under my Food/Newsworthy Topics section.  I’ll include a little on the origin and background of these foods, how some foods are processed, and why we should be concerned about some of the food in our markets.  If you have any specific food requests, please let me know and I will do my best to post the information.

Thanks for visiting The Culinary Cucumber.  Try some new recipes and be creative.  And most importantly, have fun in the kitchen!